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Root Canal Treatment at Bloor Dental, Annex Toronto

At Bloor Dental Health Centre, we offer Root Canal Treatment at our dental office in Annex Toronto. This treatment is for patients who need infected, injured, or dead pulp to be removed from the tooth. This could be caused by a large decay, fractured, or cracked tooth. Root canal treatment allows to save your natural tooth and restore your ability to chew and perform oral functions comfortably.

The process starts with numbing the area with anesthesia. Then Dr. Freedman creates an opening in your cavity to reach the damaged pulp. Very fine instruments are used to clean out the pulp. It is followed by filling and sealing the root canal.

After a root canal, a dental crown treatment is suggested to protect and strengthen the tooth. If your tooth starts to discolour due to the missing pulp, we also suggest in-office teeth whitening to regain the whiteness of your tooth.

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Root Canal at Bloor Dental Health Centre in Annex Toronto near Spadina station

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