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Happy 144th Birthday Canada!

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend in celebration of Canada's independence. Did you know that although we officially became a country in 1867, the final step in our independence took place in 1982? So I guess, happy 29th birthday Canada?

Patio season is well under way and the cameras of family members and friends seem to be out in full effect. If you've been considering bringing out the best in your smile for the summer, request an appointment today. There are plenty of summer gatherings and photo opportunities ahead.

Please Note:We understand the impulses and spontaneity that the summer can bring, please remember to notify us 2 business days in advance by phone if a summer activity creates the need to reschedule an appointment.

Be Active, Eat Well
While, being active, wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated may be overriding themes of the summer, we would like to add a tasty tip to your summer mantra. Eat more fruits and vegetables. With weekend farmers markets scheduled around the city it is easy to stock up on fresh produce that is healthy and delicious. According to Canada's Food Guide, an adult should be eating between 7-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. How many servings have you had today?

Have a safe and healthy summer from the team at,

Bloor Dental Health Centre


If your smile has lost some of its luster over the years now is the perfect time to whiten your smile!

From now until the end of July you can save 10% on ZOOM in-office whitening. (Regular Price $599)

This whitening is done by one of our dental professionals, includes custom fitted trays for each patient and only takes 2 hours. When we're finished your smile is typically 6-8 shades lighter than when we be began, and sparkling white.

Please mention this special offer when booking your appointment.


The root canal procedure is often the most effective way to save a natural tooth once a cavity/decay, infection or injury has gone too far for a simple repair.

The outer layer of your tooth is made of a hard substance called enamel. This layer is made to withstand chewing forces and the daily activities of your mouth. It also protects the dentin and pulp portion of your teeth that are connected directly to your bloodstream and nourish the tooth.

Click here to learn more about Root Canals!


In keeping with the themes of patio season and eating more fruits and vegetables, it is only fitting that we offer you a recipe for nutritious home made veggie burgers.

You may not have some of the ingredients in your pantry, but you should be able to find them during your farmer's market adventure or during a trip to your local grocery store (the result is worth the trip in both taste as well as health benefits).

Click here for the recipe!